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Travel Guide 2   >   Europe   >   UK   >   Towns and Cities   >   Norwich



Norwich is a city in Norfolk in the East Anglia region of England. The city is located on the River Wensum and as of the 2011 census, the city had a population of 140,100 people (with 376,500 living in the city's metropolitian area).

Key Facts about Norwich

Norwich Cathedral:
Norwich Cathedral
Here are some key facts about Norwich:
  1. Norwich is a city in Norfolk in the East Anglia region of England.

  2. The city lies on the River Wensum.

  3. As of the 2011 census, Norwich had a population of 140,100 people (with 376,500 living in the city's metropolitian area).

  4. The first major settlement in the area was built by the Romans on the River Tas, about 5 miles (8 kilometers) to the South of present day Norwich (near the present day village of Caistor St Edmund). It was the Roman's regional capital, and called Venta Icenorum.

  5. The Anglo-Saxon then moved into the area beginning in about the mid 5th century, founding the town of Norwic (from which Norwich gets its name). This history is reflected in a local rhyme: "Caistor was a city when Norwich was none, Norwich was built of Caistor stone."

  6. For many centuries, Norwich vied with Bristol for being England's second city (after London.

  7. During the Industrial Revolution, many other cities in the UK grew rapidly, leaving Norwich behind. Norwich grew only relatively late and slow, probably because of it lack of industrial resources in the region, and the city's relative isolation from other parts of the UK.

  8. Historically shoe-making was an important part of Norwich's economy from the period of the Industrial Revolution onwards.

  9. Today, Norwich has a largely service-based economy, with financial services and insurance being a particularly important part of the economy. The city is home to Aviva (formerly known as Norwich Union).

  10. Norwich sits just to the North of the A47, which connects the city to Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn, and Peterborough. It is also linked to Cambridgevia the A11, to Ipswich by the A140, and to Lowestoft by the A146.

  11. Norwich railway station provides regular services to London Liverpool Street, Liverpool Lime Street (via Peterborough, Nottingham and Manchester, and Cambridge, as well as several nearer destinations.

  12. Norwich Internation Airport is a feeder to KLM's Amsterdam Schipol hub. A number of other airlines also provide services to Norwich International Airport, and the airport is also known for its strong holiday charter business.

Weather in Norwich

Like other parts of the UK, Norwich generally has a temperate maritime climate. That said, because Norwich is located in Northeast Anglia which jutts into the North Sea, Norwich can sometimes be affected by weather conditions do not reach other parts of the UK - commonly including snow, sleet, and sea fog.

For current weather information, we recommend:

Comments about Norwich

Please share your comments about Norwich, the UK:


Books about Norwich

Here are some books about Norwich:

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Norwich (CT) (Images of America)

By Dale Plummer

Brand: Arcadia Publishing
Released: 2003-11-20
Paperback (128 pages)

Norwich (CT) (Images of America)
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Product Description:
Located at the head of the Thames River, Norwich is known as "the Rose of New England." This small city boasts a complex history, from its role as an important Colonial seaport to its development into a thriving manufacturing city. The nearly two hundred images in Norwich bring this history to life, from the industry and innovation represented by the Ponemah Mill, to the grandeur of the Wauregan Hotel, to the devastation of the flood of 1886. The city's many sides can be seen in these pages, which explore not only the people and institutions that made Norwich what it is today but also the details of life as it used to be.

Norwich DIY City Guide and Travel Journal: UK City Notebook for Norwich, England (European City Notebooks in Lists)

By Younghusband European City Notebooks

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (144 pages)

Norwich DIY City Guide and Travel Journal: UK City Notebook for Norwich, England (European City Notebooks in Lists)
List Price: $12.95*
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Product Description:

This UK City Notebook is designed to inspire listmakers, curators and travelers to create their own city guide and city biography in list form and to journal the dickens out of their time in the city. This city notebooks is a do it (all) yourself notebook crafted for independent travelers and thinkers!

Norwich is a brilliant city! Which begs the question, why not create your own city guide and keep a travel journal to help make your time there unforgettable, fun, and organized, eh?

You hold in your hands a journal and city guide re-invented for listmakers, curators, travelers, urban explorers and city locals alike! This notebook can help you keep all your important information about Norwich organized and ready for when you need it and where you need it.

Use the pages of this notebook to document your adventures, experiences, thoughts, and memories. Have fun making lists of all the highlights and lowlights Norwich has to offer. This is the perfect place to journal your time with boots on the ground in Norwich! This is the perfect place to write down and organize everything you find fascinating about the city — which is why it's your diy city guide.

Make your time in the city more fun, more organized, more productive and more creative by making Norwich DIY City Guide and Travel Journal: UK City Notebook for Norwich, England your newest and trustiest sidekick.

Norwich and the Norfolk Broads of England in 3 Days (the best of cities)

By Dr.G.J. Sabongi

Britannia Press
Released: 2014-10-02
Kindle Edition (22 pages)

Norwich and the Norfolk Broads of England in 3 Days (the best of cities)
Product Description:
I have been traveling globally on business for over 30 years, with millions of air miles, multitude of hotel nights and a cornucopia of meals and drinks that can be simply characterized as a mosaic of tantalizing knowledge, flavors, colors and textures.
It was, and still is a great experience, one that I want to share with you.
The uniqueness is not only to be able to travel and conduct business in a variety of places, but it’s the frame work within which this occurs. The many cultures and a variety of individuals came together as new discoveries that I have experienced in due course.
These remain in one’s memory for years to come. They become a synonym and the signature of the place and another data point in our life data base of experiences.
On several occasions I found myself eager to share what I have discovered and found pleasing with others, fellow travelers, warriors on the road, friends and family, especially with those who spend weekends away from home in a city and yearn to experience the heart and soul of that place yet in a limited time frame, usually over a weekend.
This book is for you fellow travelers. I have included web sites, street addresses and telephone numbers to my suggestions for your easy reach. This book is not meant to be a comprehensive traveler’s guide, nor is it a one size and flavor for all or a universal critic of the place in question but a light hearted expression of one person’s experience

A Walking Tour of Norwich, Conncticut (Look Up, America!)

By Doug Gelbert

Cruden Bay Books
Released: 2010-05-02
Kindle Edition (24 pages)

A Walking Tour of Norwich, Conncticut (Look Up, America!)
Product Description:
There is no better way to see America than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. Whether you are preparing for a road trip or just out to look at your own town in a new way.

Each walking tour describes historical and architectural landmarks and provides pictures to help out when those pesky street addresses are missing. Every tour also includes a quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on American streets.

Geography has always been a blessing and a curse in the history of Norwich. Norwichtown was founded in 1659 by settlers from Old Saybrook and a wharf was established on Yantic Cove to supply what became a farming community. But a better harbor was downstream at the head of the Thames River where Yantic and Shetucket rivers came together so a public landing was built there in 1694. Now isolated from their shipping dock it was now necessary to build roads to reach the young settlement. One, the East Road is today's Broadway and another, the West Road, is Washington Street today.

With access to a reliably deep waterway Norwich goods were soon flowing directly to England and the West Indies. When the Revolution came in the 1770s the town's inland location enabled it to avoid the brunt of English retaliation suffered by the coastal towns. Norwich parlayed this circumstance into a burst of prosperity producing, among other goods, armaments. By the late 1820s and 1830s Norwich industry was in full swing. Steamboats chugged up and down the Thames and there was regular service to New York City. The railroad arrived early with the Norwich-Worcester Railroad building into town in 1832. But the inland location that had brought shelter proved a detriment as the more convenient coastal town attracted more of the industrial concerns over the next 100 years. Most of Norwich's economic engine would eventually drift away. In the half-century after the Great Depression not even a dozen new buildings were constructed downtown.

The physical topography around Norwich also wielded the proverbial double-edge sword. Hills rise quickly from the rivers forcing the downtown to develop along crowded, crooked streets but the views from the impressive mansions that the wealthy built around the crests of those hills helped Norwich earn the sobriquet, "The Rose of New England."

Our walking tour will explore the Chelsea District, the downtown that grew up around the public landing built on the Thames River more than 300 years ago and we'll include a stroll up one of Norwich's hills through a residential section of stately mansion and leafy streets. But first we'll start down by the water where abandoned buildings have been cleared, open space has been developed and plentiful parking awaits...


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